Friday, August 20, 2010

Planning ahead.

I leave for Kripalu tomorrow. Knowing that I  have a long drive ahead, I thought a little pre-planning would be prudent. I booked a Shiatzu session for Sunday afternoon, and a deep full body massage for Wednesday afternoon. My Chi should be flowing and my muscles will love the massage. Pampering is essential when at Kripalu.

So far, 78 people have enrolled for the Mela, which is expected. In 2006 there were 90 participants; around 80 in 2008; 78 for 2010 (there are always the last minute decision makers).

The world-wide economy has impacted the ability to spend money on activities and travel, yoga included.


  1. I wish I were going with you. I am going to get up on Sunday and go to "Mixed Level" yoga. I have taken a class from the teacher and she is soo Iyengar. I want to sweat with you, Barbara!!!!

  2. I wish you were going with me, too. I tried to entice several people to go with me, but no takers. Maybe in 2012.