Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 5

I'm writing this post 3 days after it happened. Guess I didn't realize how consuming keeping up with a blog can be. I probably will not remember everything, but will rely on the pictures to refresh my memory.

As usual we begin with Nauli and spinal twists on the floor and divide into 3 groups again: led my David Williams, primary series; 2nd Series led my Danny Paradise; Mysore, with David Swenson.

I chose to do the practice led by David W. My neck was aching from my stage fall and I thought the milder practice would suit me best.

 In the afternoon we had discussion again and went directly to Pranayama. Each day gets easier and my level of enjoyment goes up.
Rouben and Clifford. Clifford surprised the D's
by showing up. David Swenson hadn't seen
him in at least 25 years.

David Williams taking Savasana.
Looking good in Bharadvajasana.

Teaching the afternoon class, Danny demonstrates
the preparation for Eka Pada Sirsasana.
Working toward Eka Pada Sirsasana.
Moving mindfully into Eka Pada Sirsasana B.
Finishing postures.
Sirsasana, Balasana, and others.
Danny adds a variation to Bridge.
Two of the advanced students, with Rouben.
That's the stage I fell off the first night.

Our "Ashtanga Physician" Ward Robinson always
gets the medical questions at the Mela. This is his third.
Pictured here with David Swenson.
Others are in Savasana in the background.
The three yogis were joined by their long-time yoga buddy,
Clifford Sweatte, a student of DW in Encinitas when DW
and Nancy Gilgoff brought Pattabhi Jois and Manju
to the U.S.—hence, the introduction of Ashtanga Yoga
to the West.
DS is demonstrating how to get more air into the
lungs on DW. We partnered on this exercise. 
As the left hand middle finger and thumb press up
on the first rib, the right hand presses between
the shoulder blades in and up on the inhale.
Exhale release the pressure.
Becca, about to go to school at NYU.
Showtime! Danny always brings a band together before
the end of the Mela. It is always fun. This is usually when
people lose their inhibitions in the dancing.
And they certainly did!
The yoga studio stage transforms into a music stage during the Mela
on Thursday night. Danny's unique musical style lends itself to
dancing,  or just moving along with the music in your seat. It's happy
music with much of it being written as a result of his travels in Asia.
Derek playing percussion. Before the
yoga business, he was an on-the-road
musician. He's now a studio owner in
Ottawa and part-time percussionist at the
Mela each year.
Here are the crazy dancers.

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