Monday, August 30, 2010

Now that it's over...

Everyone has returned home, posting pictures on Facebook, sending email addresses, sending messages until we meet again in 2012. There's much to ponder after our experiences on and off the mat. It's wonderful meeting people from around the country and the world in this setting. We all worked hard and loved every minute of it. I always am inspired and encourage after a Mela.

For the past year and a half, I have been working on David Williams’ poster, The Complete Ashtanga Yoga Syllabus, as graphic designer. It is almost ready for printing. The final size is 36" x 48", is in full color, and is perfect for a wall in your practice room or yoga studio.Individual posters are $75 each, 12 at $50 each,and 24 for $40 each. Shipping costs will be additional. Below is a small version of it for your review. If you're interested in purchasing contact Barbara at Please enter in the subject line "David Williams Poster" and you will be contacted.


  1. Barb, your poster is beautiful. You are amazing!

  2. Barbara, I ordered one through David Willaims and he sent it this AM. Thanks for working on this. I will hang it where I teach. This answers a lot of questions I have had for several years regarding history of Ashtanga Yoga.
    PS I believe we are same age. I was at 2008 Ashtanga Mala gathering at Kripalu. I did not get any facebook friends from this. Please search for Quentin Hardage on facebook. I would like to be a friend. Thanks