Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 4

Danny Paradise, David Swenson, and Rouben Madikians
We began this day with discussion about developing our personal practice—doing what feels best to do on that particular day. Could be the minimum of 3 A's, 3 B's and the 3 closing lotus postures may be all you have time for or want to do. Yoga should feel good. You should go into a posture and feel the best you can in it.

In the morning session we again divided into three groups. We did Nauli and spinal twists to warm up. One group did Mysore practice, the other group did 2nd series, and the third group did what we are now calling "the old people's practice" with David Williams.

I did the 2nd series and was happy with how far I could go. When I couldn't go any further I started taking pictures.

In the afternoon we had discussion and Pranayama. Today doing the Pranayama was a better experience than the previous day. I continued to sweat during it, but I was less fatiqued. I was looking forward to the deep tissue massage at 4:00. Having fallen off the stage the first day while talking and not looking, I stoved my toe and did something to my neck and shoulder. The therapist went deep. My shoulder spasms became less intense. I had dinner and went to the whirlpool. It, too, was therapeutic.

Here are some pictures of some of the postures I was having problems with. Others weren't.

Danny is assisting Ricky Tran in Durvasana.

We assisted each other in Pinchamayurasana.

Working to get into Tittibhasana B.
Derek gives me a "moving" thumbs-up.

David Swenson mesmerized and entertained
during his presentation about his yoga journey.
I told him if he was ever out of a yoga job,
he could become a comedian.

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