Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 1

Arrived today disenchanted with my GPS. At least twice it took me astray. Don't give up the maps.

Had a very nice Shiatzu treatment by Chris shortly after I got here. Then had dinner with the guys—David S, David W, Danny—and mela returnees Derek and Ward—and Diana, DWs significant other. It's so nice to travel to a place far away from where you live and see people you know and like and who share your enthusiasm for Ashtanga. That's one of the benefits of gatherings such as this. And it doesn't go away.

At our first gathering this evening we introduced ourselves. The count is 88 in all, including the presenters. I've invited everyone to chime in on this blog. This blog is for us all—to respond, elicit, comment, or incite. Good night.

Photos from our initial gathering:

The first night we were seated in a circle and introduced ourselves.
There were about 5 people who were returning.
Everyone else was new.
Presenters were seated at the front.

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